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AIA Baltimore Design Competition

Late Registration Open | Deadline to Submit a Project: May 24

The following question and reflection by Edward S. Casey underlies the theme of our series and design competition:

“What kind of built structure can be created that would figure into the complexion of the Baltimore harbor in an unprecedented way, at once constructive and imaginative? It would at once reflect the unique texture of the harbor and its history and contribute to its evolution in times to come. Such a structure would stand, or float, somewhere between land and sea, perhaps at their very edge or maybe in the midst of the harbor waters. Wherever it is located, and however it is constructed, it will enter into engagement with Land, Sea, and Edge: it will exist as a fourth member of this fateful triad, one that is designed for the very place in which it is set. It will itself be an edge, not of a solid and stolid thing, but of a uniquely configured edge-world…” – Edward S. Casey

The 2019 Lecture Series speakers will reflect on, illustrate, define, and/or re-define Edges and will address the following questions. These will also serve as the prompts for proposals for the design competition to enhance the harbor and city edge in Baltimore:

  • If the harbor water is swimmable and fishable, what could the harbor edge look like?

  • How can design enhance the connection between the city and harbor?

  • What responsibility do we have to the waterfront/harbor edge?

  • How can we address spatial equity and create a harbor accessible to all residents of Baltimore?

  • How can design solutions address resiliency in Baltimore, considering expanding flood plains and rising sea levels?

  • What is the harbor edge in Baltimore? Should it be hard? Soft? Permeable?

  • How can design address community engagement and education with harbor clean-up and pollution prevention?

  • How can design at the harbor and city edge engage the public while respecting the natural environment?

Read the Design Brief and Call for Entries and Register to Enter a Project