Takeaways From A Successful TransportationCamp Baltimore 2019

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TransportationCamp Baltimore 2019 did not disappoint in it’s second year here in Baltimore!

This unconference is truly one of a kind and always brings unexpected and inspiring conversations and connections. The unconference format is very untraditional and exciting, participants get to decide what the session topics and discussions will be on the day of the unconference. The objective of TransportationCamp Baltimore is to bring a more inclusive and engaging forum about transportation to the people who use, plan, design, build, advocate for, hack, or just feel passionate about transportation.

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The morning starts with a giant sticky note board and attendees write down session ideas and topics that have been burning on their minds. This then follows by a day filled with “off the cuff” conversations centering on all things transportation between professionals, students, and transportation enthusiasts from all walks of life.

This was the first year I attended TransportationCamp representing APA MD and I was honored to do so. We had a small table that myself and Alan Feinberg manned throughout the day. While I was at the table I was lucky to have many conversations with visitors and was inspired by them. People I met were from all seasons of life either considering entering into the planning profession or seasoned professionals looking to continue to grow and keep a beat on the local activities and innovations. I met high school students that are on the college hunt, that have been inspired by the planning profession and are eager to learn everything they can about the industry before picking a college. I spoke with local government representatives that were at the unconference to hear from their constituents but also educate themselves to be able to make more informed decisions on transportation planning and design. I also met planners from all types of backgrounds and sectors all with varying projects, challenges, and ideas.


Overall, the event did not disappoint.  I hope that by APA MD participating in events like this we will continue to lead the profession and stay informed on what is going on in the communities and world around us.  It is easy to lose track of how important the job of a planner really is, but when you immerse yourself in events like this where passionate people from diverse backgrounds all sit down to talk about what is really on their minds it is impossible to forget how significant our role is as planners.


Angie Hernandez, AICP | ahernandez@jmt.com | 410-616-2392

Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association Statewide Representative